Telsto’s Feeder Cable Clamp | Here to Revamp Your Telecom Infrastructure

Telsto has recently launched its Feeder Cable Clamps line, which has been hyped up in the telecommunication industry worldwide. The state-of-the-art tool is known for its extreme strength, build quality, and finish.

The feeder cable clamps made by Telsto are well-known because they are intended to fasten all types of cable put on infrastructures like towers or other similar structures, regardless of size. Extreme weather conditions, such as temperature, rain or other moisture, wind pressure, and various environmental influences, cannot damage the feeder cable clamps.

The varieties of these feeder cable clamps vary based on the cable diameters, which range from 10 mm to 1 5/8" and beyond. The Feeder Cable Clamps are highly strong in construction, simple to install, and do not need any specific tools.
Let's have a look at some of them:

The feeder clamp is intended for use with wireless technology. Fiber optical connections and power cables are deployed to the outside cell towers as part of the 3G/4G/5G wireless networking.

The giant hole on the feeder clamp is used for the DC power cable, while the narrower hole on the clamp is used to fasten the optical fiber cable. Various styles are available depending on how many cables need to be secured.

Feeder Cable Clamp1

The feeder cables are frequently fixed to base towers using feeder cable clamps, which effectively control and secure the feeder installation system. The UV-resistant substance used to make the feeder cable clamps. The design provides the most robust grip and the least amount of strain when managing a cable system. To endure bad weather, they are only built of non-rusting materials. High-grade PP/ABS and high-standard stainless steel make up the feeder cable clamp.

Feeder Cable Clamp2

These Feeding cable clamps, which can be used in various temperatures, are mostly made of stainless steel, anti-ultraviolet polypropylene or ABS engineering plastics, and anti-old rubber. It is primarily used for fixing RF wire to towers, cable ladders, etc. To satisfy the client's unique needs, we deal in various hangers ideal for all purposes to ensure a long working life.

Feeder Cable Clamp3
Feeder Cable Clamp5
Feeder Cable Clamp6

Post time: Oct-18-2022