4.3-10 male 4.3/10 mini din for cable lmr400 rg213 crimp type wire connectors with rf coaxial connector lmr-400 adaptor

  • Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: Telsto
  • Model Number: TEL-4310M.LMR400-RFC
  • Type: 4.3-10 Connector
  • Application: RF
  • Gender: Male
  • Frequency: DC-3GHz
  • Dielectric Resistance: ≥5000MΩ
  • Description


    Product Support

    MINI DIN connectors are used in antenna systems where there are multiple transmitters using the same antenna or where a base station antenna is co-located with a large number of other transmitting antennas.

    TEL-4310M.LMR400-RFC 1

    We provide various din connectors for different coaxial cables, such as RG316, RG58, LMR240, LMR400 etc.


    We also customize kinds of coaxial cable assembly per request.

    TEL-4310M.LMR400-RFC 2

    Telsto always believes the philosophy that customer service should be paid high attention which will be value of us.

    TEL-4310M.LMR400-RFC 3

    ● Pre-sales service and after-sales service are same important for us. For any of concerns please contact us via the most convenient method, we are available for you 24/7.
    ● Flexible design, drawing & molding service are available per customer’s application.
    ● Quality warranty and techincal support are provided.
    ● Establish the user files and provide lifelong tracking service.
    ● Strong commercial ability of solving problem.
    ● Knowledgeable staff to hand all of your account and documents needed.
    ● Flexible payment methods such as Paypal, Western Union, T/T, L/C, etc.
    ● Different shipment methods for your choices: DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, by sea, by air...
    ● Our forwarder has many branches overseas, we will choose most efficient shipping line for our client based on FOB terms.


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  • TEL-4310M.LMR400-RFC 4

    Model: TEL-4310M.LMR400-RFC


    4.3-10 Male connector for LMR400 cable

    Material and Plating
      Material Plating
    Body Brass Tri-Alloy
    Insulator PTFFE /
    Center conductor Phosphor bronze Au
    Characteristics Impedance 50 Ohm
    Frequency Range DC~6.0 GHz
    VSWR ≤1.20(3000MHZ)
    Insertion loss ≤ 0.15dB
    Dielectric Withstanding Voltage ≥2500V RMS,50Hz,at sea level
    Dielectric Resistance ≥5000MΩ
    Center contact resistance ≤1.0mΩ
    Outer contact resistance ≤0.4mΩ
    Temperature range  -40~+85℃
    Durability  Mating cycles ≥500

    Installation Instructions of N or 7 / 16 or 4310 1 / 2″ super flexible cable

    Structure of connector: ( Fig1 )
    A. front nut
    B. back nut
    C. gasket

    Installation Instructions001

    Stripping dimensions is as shown by diagram ( Fig2 ), attention should be paid while stripping:
    1. The end surface of inner conductor should be chamfered.
    2. Remove impurities such as copper scale and burr on the end surface of the cable.

    Installation Instructions002

    Assembling the sealing part: Screw the sealing part in  along the outer conductor of the cable as shown by the diagram ( Fig3).

    Installation Instructions003

    Assembling the back nut  (Fig3).

    Installation Instructions004

    Combine the front and back nut by screwing as shown by diagram ( Figs( 5)
    1. Before screwing, smear a layer of lubricating grease on the o-ring.
    2. Keep the back nut and the cable motionless, Screw on main shell body on back shell body. Screw down main shell body of back shell body using monkey wrench. Assembling is finished.

    Installation Instructions005

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