DIN Female connector for 1/2″ Super flexible RF cable

  • Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: Telsto
  • Model Number: TEL-DINF.12S-RFC
  • Type: DIN 7/16 Connector
  • Application: RF
  • Frequency: DC-3GHz
  • Dielectric Resistance: ≥5000MΩ
  • Description


    Product Support

    7/16 Din connector is specially designed for outdoor base stations in mobile communication (GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G) systems, featuring high power, low loss, high operating voltage, perfect waterproof performance and applicable to various environments. It is easy to install and provides reliable connection.

    Telsto 7/16 Din connectors are available in male or female gender with 50 Ohm impedance. Our 7/16 DIN connectors are available in straight or right angle versions, as well as, 4 hole flange, bulkhead, 4 hole panel or mount less options. These 7/16 DIN connector designs are available in clamp, crimp or solder attachments methods.

    Features And Benefits

    ● Low IMD and low VSWR provides improved system performance.

    ● Self-flaring design ensures ease of installation with standard hand tool.

    ● Pres-assembled gasket protects against dust (P67) and water (IP67).

    ● Phosphor bronze / Ag plated contacts and Brass / Tri- Alloy plated bodies deliver a high conductivity and corrosion resistance.

    din rf connector Din female to 12s


    ● Wireless Infrastructure

    ● Base Stations

    ● Lightning Protection

    ● Satellite Communications

    ● Antenna Systems

    According  to IEC60169-4
      Characteristic Impedance 50ohm
    1 Frequency Range DC-3GHz
    2 VSWR  ≤1.15
    3 Dielectric withstanding voltage ≥2700V RMS,50Hz,at sea level
    4 Dielectric Resistance ≥10000MΩ
    6 Contact Resistance Outer Contact≤1.5mΩ;Center Contact≤0.4mΩ
    7 Insertion Loss(dB) Less than 0.15
    8 PIM3 ≤-155dBc
    1 Durability  Mating cycles ≥500
    Material and plating
      Description Material Plating/Ni
    1 Body Brass Tri-alloy
    2 Insulator PTFE
    3 Center conductor QSn6.5-0.1 Ag 
    4 Other Brass Ni
    1 Temperature Range -40℃~+85℃
    2 Waterproof IP67

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    Model: TEL-DINF.12S-RFC


    DIN Female connector for 1/2″ Super flexible cable

    Material and Plating
    Center contact Brass / Silver Plating
    Insulator PTFE
    Body & Outer Conductor Brass / alloy plated with tri-alloy
    Gasket Silicon Rubber
    Electrical Characteristics
    Characteristics Impedance 50 Ohm
    Frequency Range DC~3 GHz
    Insulation Resistance ≥5000MΩ
    Dielectric Strength 2500 V rms
    Center contact resistance ≤0.4 mΩ
    Outer contact resistance ≤0.2 mΩ
    Insertion Loss             ≤0.15dB@3GHz
    VSWR                    ≤1.08@-3.0GHz
    Temperature range  -40~85℃
    PIM dBc(2×20W) ≤-160 dBc(2×20W)
    Waterproof IP67


    Installation Instructions of N or 7 / 16 or 4310 1 / 2″ super flexible cable

    Structure of connector: ( Fig1 )
    A. front nut
    B. back nut
    C. gasket

    Installation Instructions001

    Stripping dimensions is as shown by diagram ( Fig2 ), attention should be paid while stripping:
    1. The end surface of inner conductor should be chamfered.
    2. Remove impurities such as copper scale and burr on the end surface of the cable.

    Installation Instructions002

    Assembling the sealing part: Screw the sealing part in  along the outer conductor of the cable as shown by the diagram ( Fig3).

    Installation Instructions003

    Assembling the back nut  (Fig3).

    Installation Instructions004

    Combine the front and back nut by screwing as shown by diagram ( Figs( 5)
    1. Before screwing, smear a layer of lubricating grease on the o-ring.
    2. Keep the back nut and the cable motionless, Screw on main shell body on back shell body. Screw down main shell body of back shell body using monkey wrench. Assembling is finished.

    Installation Instructions005

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